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Choosing a good backcountry campsite — or, in my parlance, “five-star” — is a critical but overlooked backpacking skill. Campsite selection isat least asimportant to mysleepquality as mychoice of tent, bag, and pad. Even with appropriategear, it’s difficult to sleep well in a campsite that:

Unless I’m required to stay in such locations, I try hard to avoid them. Instead, I seek out five-star campsites that are more conducive to a quality night of sleep and that enhance my backpacking experience.

Solo backpackers and small groups will have an easier time in following this advice. But I have offer at least a few tips that would be relevant for larger groups like the Boy Scouts (BSA).

In this four-part series I explain the characteristics of a five-campsite (on two levels: zone and spot), discuss pertinent regulations and Leave No Trace ethics, and provide examples of horrible camping areas that should be avoided.

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In the previous two posts I discussed the ideal features of backpacking campsites, on both a zone- and spot-level. There are many of them, probably too many to remember. So in this final installment I will discussfour classically bad campsites. Despite having multiple and severe problems, I regularly see backpackerscamping in these types of locations.If […]

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In Part 2 of this series I discussed the ideal features of a camping zone, which is a general area like a creek valley or lake basin. For example, I seek out locations that will be forested and that aren’t in the bottom of a drainage. Once I have arrived in a camping zone, I […]

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By Andrew Skurka on in Skills

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Recall from Part 1 that I assess backpacking campsites on two levels: zones and spots. Thezone-level features of a five-star campsite never change. But spot-level features depend on whether I am sleeping on the ground or in a hammock. In this post I will discuss zone-level features. Safety This one should be obvious, but it’s […]




documenting the build of our home

After more than 12 years of owning a specific piece of dirt, our family has finally embarked on the journey of building a custom home — something that David and I have dreamed of doing together for the majority of our nearly 22 year marriage. We’re not even calling it our “dream home” because … hello . That’s WAY too much pressure. (I’m serious.)

As a documenter I have naturally put some thought into how I want to approach the documentation of this massive year-long project and of course I want to share these bits of inspirationwith you guys! Some of you might even be in a similar home-building situation (or some other type of similar project) — now or in the near future. Please be sure to chime in with your insights. I would LOVE to hear what you have done so we can continue to inspire each other!

Keep reading for some thoughts on how we’re documenting, the types of story-telling pictures and video we’re taking, and even some ways we’re keeping track of our ideas for the project. The over-riding theme in all of my documenting ties back to this: BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. It’s something I talk about a lot in memory keeping, and this is no exception.


On our business social media accounts ( Calvin Klein Woman Leopardprint Stretchjersey Pushup Bra Turquoise Size 36 C Calvin Klein Free Shipping Great Deals ACEnDv
), I will share an occasional update of how the building is going for those whoare curious, but that is certainly not what you come to our social sharing for so you won’t see constant / frequent updates. Plus, as much as I put out there in public, I equally value our privacy and don’t need every detail of our family’s life and home to be freely available for anyone to see. I appreciate that you respect that as well.

All that said, I set up a private Instagram account for the building of our home, with a very, very specific plan in mind. My vision has a bi-fold purpose.

1) Beginning with the end in mind, I know that I can print out a little series of Sale Fast Delivery Best Sale Cheap Price Classic Cortez Leather Luxe Trainers In Bone And Metallic Bronze Mtlc red bronzesail Nike Best Place baZRAn4aoj
. They’ll automatically print send me a book when I’ve filled 60 pages, so that’s really fun. I’m not worried about how many little Chatbooks we end up with because this is just FUN! I doubt the kids will want their own copies of the @HigginsBuild books, but if they ever did, it’ll be super easy and relatively inexpensive to order additional copies. I’ve been sharing regular and detailed updates on this Instagram account to document the progress knowing that these little 6×6 books will be so fun to have for our family. That’s the main purpose. It’s for us, and perhaps our posterity will enjoy it someday as well!

2) Knowing that some of our friends and family are interested in following along with the progress, we’re allowing just a handful of people whoare close to us to have access to that account. That saves me from sharing email or text updates. And when I say this is a private account, I really do mean it. So when you try to follow and don’t get “accepted” . . .don’t take it personally. I am protecting our privacy.


Click supports two types of parameters for scripts: options and arguments. There is generally some confusion among authors of command line scripts of when to use which, so here is a quick overview of the differences. As its name indicates, an option is optional. While arguments can be optional within reason, they are much more restricted in how optional they can be.

To help you decide between options and arguments, the recommendation is to use arguments exclusively for things like going to subcommands or input filenames / URLs, and have everything else be an option instead.

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Arguments can do less than options. The following features are only available for options:

On the other hand arguments, unlike options, can accept an arbitrary number of arguments. Options can strictly ever only accept a fixed number of arguments (defaults to 1).

Parameter Types Devore Festival Kimono With Tassles Black Qed London For Nice Sale Online 6rMUi

Parameters can be of different types. Types can be implemented with different behavior and some are supported out of the box:

Custom parameter types can be implemented by subclassing Cheap Sale Amazing Price Enza Costa Woman Knotted Stretchjersey Mini Dress Light Gray Size L Enza Costa Free Shipping Sale Online 7YE89q
. For simple cases, passing a Python function that fails with a is also supported, though discouraged.

Declares a parameter to be a file for reading or writing. The file is automatically closed once the context tears down (after the command finished working).

Files can be opened for reading or writing. The special value indicates stdin or stdout depending on the mode.

By default, the file is opened for reading text data, but it can also be opened in binary mode or for writing. The encoding parameter can be used to force a specific encoding.

The flag controls if the file should be opened immediately or upon first IO. The default is to be non lazy for standard input and output streams as well as files opened for reading, lazy otherwise.

Starting with Click 2.0, files can also be opened atomically in which case all writes go into a separate file in the same folder and upon completion the file will be moved over to the original location. This is useful if a file regularly read by other users is modified.

See File Arguments for more information.

The path type is similar to the PJ romper Nude amp; Neutrals Lemlem Cheap Get Authentic 0B9Vp4
type but it performs different checks. First of all, instead of returning an open file handle it returns just the filename. Secondly, it can perform various basic checks about what the file or directory should be.

The choice type allows a value to be checked against a fixed set of supported values. All of these values have to be strings.

See Mini Swing Dress with Seam Detail and Trumpet Sleeve Red Asos Curve Free Shipping Good Selling EEUIMX7WW
for an example.

A parameter that works similar to but restricts the value to fit into a range. The default behavior is to fail if the value falls outside the range, but it can also be silently clamped between the two edges.